Me and You…Tube

I’m starting a YouTube channel and I’m scared out of my mind. I thought I’d write for a while and see what else I think besides, “Holy shit I’m scared!” and, “I hate the way I look on camera.”

Side note: I’m so nervous to unpack my emotions around this subject that I have to force myself to stay in the chair and keep typing.

I want to help people.

Side note #2: I am so foggy and apprehensive about starting on YouTube that I took a two-hour procrastination break to play a video game. Anyway, back to your regular-scheduled blog post.

I want to share knowledge within a group of like-minded people, in hopes that I can help someone. The best place I can think of to do that (besides this blog, which no one is reading at the moment anyway) is through the use of the social media. And even more specifically since the written word seems to be on life support, I want to use YouTube to share my ideas in a way that reaches the masses.

I want to understand human relationships, and especially our relationship with ourselves. Our relationship with the Jiminy Cricket inside us all—our conscience. I want to understand the voice we hear when we sit in silence. When we’re talking to “ourselves.” That’s the Self I’m talking about when I say I want to understand and reconnect with my Self.

But the YouTube channel won’t be just a place where I entertain and work on myself. No, I’m aiming to pull everyone up from the same rock-bottom I’m feeling right now. I want to share ideas and actionable advice so that rock bottom is such a distant memory that it grows cobwebs. And while I’ll be working on myself and my own tools and skills behind the scenes, the main focus of my YouTube channel will be helping my audience.

Blogging is Not Dead

My preferred method of communication is still the written word. Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and they sell a lot of books and e-books. That means people still read. And as long as people still read, I will still write. Here, there, and everywhere.

Having always considered myself a writer, there’s a danger that technology will leave me and my skills behind. The written word isn’t going anywhere; ultimately it’s our default method of communicating information and ideas throughout much of the media. Digital ink doesn’t dry, and there’s plenty of it. I just wonder how much people will pay attention.

It’s a much safer path for me if I stretch outside my comfort zone with video and perhaps audio.

Clarifying My Message

What exactly is it that I want to say to the world? Perhaps it would be a good idea to iron out my thoughts and feelings before I continue this blog or before I start getting on YouTube.

Next time on the blog, I’ll update you all on my progress with YouTube, and I’ll give you a peek at the manifesto I’m writing.

In fact, here’s a sneak peek right now for those of you who stayed until the end.

My thesis is very simple: You Matter.

See you next time!

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