Shifting Gears

Lately I’ve been on a quest.

To get out of a rut.

To overcome health challenges.

To find a project that keeps me interested and fulfilled.

To be happy as often as I can.

To accomplish more.

To connect with my friends, family, and the world around me.

To do work that will make a difference and leave a legacy.

Now that’s a lot of stuff for anyone to try and do, I know. (See my earlier post about being too hard on myself.)

I’ve been floundering while deciding what to do with this blog. Today, I made up my mind.

This blog bears my name, and at least for the time being, I’m going to use it for me.

I’m going to use this space as my sandbox. My memory bank. My digital keepsake.

In trying to connect with the people around me, I’m constantly fighting to decide¬†where I want to post certain things. If I find a quote I like, or I want to talk about a book I’m reading, or I just want to talk about what I’ve been doing lately in my personal development and goals…

Do each of those things need their own space? Do some of them belong on social media while others don’t? Do I blog about my reading in one space, write about my personal development on Facebook, and use Twitter for sharing quotes?

It’s exhausting.

So instead, I’m going to put it all here. Well, maybe I’ll stick my meal updates on Facebook or Instagram like everyone else. But if I decide to write about my latest business idea, or the books I’ve been reading lately, or a really cool quote I found, or a new song and what it means to me, or………….

That’s what this space is for. I want to capture it all. If I feel like something is worth writing about, you’ll find it here.

Timelines and profiles are great. Tweets probably last forever. But all that space is owned by someone else. Who wants to risk it?

This is mine. I own this space, these words.

If tracking my life isn’t your idea of a good time, that’s fine. I don’t blame you. I can be pretty boring.

Right now, my goal is to help me.

I need to get up off the floor.

I need to decide what the right direction is, and what’s wasting my time. Maybe seeing it all out here in the open will help clarify that picture.

Let’s find out.

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